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Home Renovation Process

1. Free Consultation

The first step in the process is for CESI to understand exactly what you want to achieve with your project (including the reasons for your renovation). CESI has a thorough and professional briefing process that we go through with all of our customers. We listen carefully to your requirements, and ask questions to ensure we understand exactly what you are looking for, what is important to you, and why. 


It’s also crucial that we establish a budget baseline at this stage. Your budget may change during the design process - as you make decisions on what you like and don’t like, and can and can’t do without. But it provides an important starting point.


We recommend that all decision-makers in the household are involved in the briefing stage. Often each person has different considerations and concerns, so it is good to get everyone's perspective early in the process.


2. Concept

The next step is to translate your requirements into a custom concept.

CESI provides beautiful 3D renderings, so you can see exactly what will be built. If it’s not what you imagined, this is the time to make changes. It’s far more cost-effective to get the concept right than to decide to make changes during later phases.


Even for small projects like a garage conversion, the exercise is invaluable. Will the new layout leave the right clearances for doors and moving about? What direction would you like the new flooring to run? What are the best colors to use in the new space? 


During this concept stage, CESI will provide estimates based on average costs. So you can start making decisions on what your budget can include.


3. Quote
An accurate price can now be produced. It will take account of the engineering, structural, design and aesthetic decisions you have made.


While it is not the norm, you need to be aware that structural issues can be uncovered unexpectedly during the course of work. The quote will explain how these will be dealt with and costed for your renovation.

If required, the cost can be refined or brought down by making changes to the design. Our quote will be very competitive based on the work required and the quality of finish expected.


By the end of this stage, you can be confident that you have the best design and best price for your renovation. 


During this stage, CESI also takes responsibility for obtaining all required permitting. This can be a complicated process at times, so it is important for time and cost management that this process is handled by CESI.


4. Build
Your CESI project manager will be your point of contact. You will receive a schedule that details project milestones barring unexpected delays. Renovating is a multi-layered process, and trades need to be carefully coordinated to keep the job moving forward smoothly.


It is very important that each trade has completed their work to the correct standard. Your CESI project manager will ensure quality control at each stage, to eliminate issues at the end of the project.


With CESI’s end-to-end design and build renovation service, you can be assured of a hassle-free project.


5. Your finished home
In the final step your CESI project manager goes over the work completed with you to ensure that everything has been finished to your standard and you are completely satisfied with the final product.


Congratulations – your renovation is complete!


In addition, CESI provides all customers with a 12 month no-hassle workmanship warranty to ensure you have total peace of mind to go with your new renovation. 


Contact Us

If you would like a free, no obligation initial design|build consultation to discuss your renovation project, fill out the contact form on this page. Or, if you would like to schedule an appointment online CLICK HERE.

Thanks for contacting us!

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Home Renovation Process
1. Free Consultation
2. Concept
3. Quote
4. Build
5. Your Finished Home
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